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How to Follow and Unfollow a Strategy?

Follow a Strategy

Step 1: From the Client Portal, open an Investor Account.

Step 2: Go to Social Trading Website.

Step 3: Navigate towards the Leaderboard and choose your desired Strategy.

Step 4: Review the Strategy information carefully and click on Follow.

Step 5: Choose your Investor Account you wish to use for following a Strategy and click on Follow.

Only Investor Account is allowed to follow a Strategy.
Investor Account is allowed Closure Only for Manual Trades.

Step 6: Follow Successful and now to check your followed strategies navigate to Portfolio and select Strategy you will be able to see all the strategies that you have followed.

Unfollow a Strategy

You can unfollow the strategy by clicking the unfollow button in your Strategy page.

After confirming the unfollow strategy the strategy will be removed from the portfolio.


  1. Unfollowing a Strategy is proceeded if only there is not any position.
  2. Performance fee is paid immediately once Unfollowing is successful.